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Pandemic Racism II - Thao Ho & kate-hers RHEE (이미래/李未來)

Online Presentation & Discussion by Thao Ho & kate-hers RHEE (이미래/李未來)

Thao Ho is a writer and community organizer. She initiated DAMN* (*Deutsche Asiat*innen, Make Noise!), a political platform and activist collective that aims to connect and mobilize the Asian diaspora in Germany.

kate-hers RHEE (이미래/李未來) is an interdisciplinary artist, arts educator, and cultural worker. The trauma of being a perpetual outsider galvanized the artist to focus on metamorphosis, while questioning how individual and collective suffering shapes an ethnic and national ethos.

Act 2 of PANDEMIC FESTIVAL invites you all for an evening to talk about Pandemic Racism or Anti-Asian Racism and it's white history in these uncertain times.

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