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PONEC ONLINE: Generation X

We invite you to the last evening of our online theatre, which we will present in your living room! Watch Generation X in HD from a recording created in collaboration with MALL.TV and the same evening you can watch a live stream of a debate between the artists and guests on the topic of Generation X in the context of the era.


A dance solo that expresses emotions of a generation that experienced the turn of two eras.

A childhood marked by restrictions first accepted by the society and later loosened. Beating hearts, pulse of one’s own blood that can be heard. A man/woman has matured, one that knows what he/she wants and doesn’t want. His/her steps are not guided by his/her will. The Cold War is not over yet. We live in its shadow. We live in escalated positions in which we strive for a basic human politeness. God help us. Only the active one and the one who isn’t afraid to show the direction to others can win.
40 years since birth, 30 years since the revolution – a reflection of one’s own life on the background of a big social change. The performance is based on life experience and worldview of 20 significant individuals born between 1979-1980.

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