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Power of Platforms: Learning from digital transformation

14th August 2020, Friday | 16:30 hrs - 18:00 hrs (IST)
An Online Session
Free | RSVP required
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Boris Abel | Kulturama, Goethe-Institut, Berlin
Carolin NĂ¼ser | Project Manager, Latitude Festival, Berlin
Anu George | Growth and Strategy, Paytm Insider, India
Natasha Jeyasingh | Team Art Chain India

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, 2020 has quickly gone from a promising year for the events industry into one of the most damaging, and the estimated recovery period is still unpredictable.
During times like these, many arts and cultural organizations have pivoted to online events. Some new platforms have emerged, and some have changed their models and some are using the existing platform in innovative ways. Audiences are tuning in and adapting just like us. In this session, we will take an overview of the power of these platforms and how they have helped in these trying times while sharing their success and challenges, and statistics.

Join us as we better understand the trajectory and impact of platforms who have helped shape our new digital cultural experiences.

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