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Online Exhibition

Presentation- Immune Systems & Antibodies

Join us for a talk by Sulaïman Majali, Omar Adel, Bayan Kiwan and Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw, who will be presenting the projects they have developed the past two months as part of the Internet of Things: Another World is Possible (IOTAWIP) online residency. The talk marks the opening of the exhibition in its second iteration, accompanied by the release of an online publication featuring works by the residents and contributions from the public that respond to the conceptual framework of IOTAWIP.

IOTAWIP is an invitation for reflecting on the Situ, from our active positions behind the screens. Deconstructing the crisis, contingency, social structures, cyberspace, memes, anxiety, technology, geography and body-politics. Live stream to newsfeed. From the medium and its discontents, to the state of emergency.

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