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Prima di Greta

Talks on the evolution of #feminism and women's role in #environmental and social sustainability within the project "Tell me about Europe".
Since the 1970s, feminism has gone through different stages, constantly evolved and adapted to new geopolitical structures. Through the experiences of our female panelists, we will both look back at the origins of the feminist movement after 1968 and analyse the following stages in which women have become the main protagonists of political and intellectual life. Finally, we will focus on our time, in which women such as Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva or Greta Thunberg, with their commitment, show ways out of the global environmental and social crisis.
Joining the event are: Milvia Spadi, journalist, who for years hosted the radio show Inviato Speciale for the Italian National Radio Radio Rai, Bianca Maria Frabotta, poetess, Elisa Montessori, artist, Marcella Corsi, economist, Angela Bubba, writer, Alice Boyd, multimedia artist and member of the Staging Change, the sustainable theatre network and Ilenia Caleo, performer, activist and independent researcher.
The talk will be introduced by Tom Müller, member and co-founder of Arbeit an Europa e.V.

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