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PROFESSOR MAMLOCK - Introduction and Film Screening

Co-presented by the Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre, TJFF, and the Goethe-Institut Toronto

Join the Neuberger, the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, and the Goethe-Institut Toronto as we introduce and discuss the groundbreaking 1938 drama 'Professor Mamlock', based on the 1933 play by Friedrich Wolf and described as the first movie to depict the Holocaust. Tune in for an insightful introduction particularly of the 1938 Toronto premiere followed by the online film screening; and on June 25 a discussion between Jutta Brendemuhl from the Goethe-Institut and public historian and Holocaust education scholar Dan Panneton discussing the legacy of 'Professor Mamlock,' its 1961 East German remake by Konrad Wolf, and antifascist cinema.

'Professor Mamlock' (1938) by Adolf Minkin, Gerbert Rappaport with Semyon Mezhinsky, E. Nikitina, Oleg Zhakov ​
110min. Russian with English subtitles

Part of the Goethe-Institut’s focus on Shaping the Past

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