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Radical Present

Houseclub Presents: Radical Present by and with Pink Valley and seven young people.

Together with Pink Valley seven performers spent eight months researching their radical
presence. The result... well, something like a performance adapted to the circumstances!

Radical Present is a performative experiment, a search for presence in radical times, a
sensuality without conditions, a liberation from tomorrow and yesterday, from ‘must’ and
‘should’ - but is it possible to keep performance alive in isolation? Probably yes-and-no.
Our boundaries are forced and simultaneously blown up, we no longer know what’s normal
or what’s real. It is about our relationships – to the world, to others and to ourselves.
Radical presence despite radical absence, so get in touch with your ex and join in for our
live performance!

A production by Pink Valley in cooperation with the Houseclub of HAU Hebbel am Ufer and
the youth art school FriX-Berg.

Language: German
Subtitle: English

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