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Reading 06: TIME and the notions of CRAFT / MAKING

This session will discuss how notions of craft and making involve a sense of building up over a duration along with notions of preservation, and accumulating skill and knowledge with time, over generations, and yet often processes of making or craft symbolise a sense of time-past and time-future; beginning with references to Adolf Loos, Hal Foster, and Richard Sennet, we read in detail the research of Annapurna Garimella and Nancy Adajania.

About Six Readings- On Time:
Events, situations, and occasions are scattered within the Milky Way of TIME; but TIME also exists within the details of dust, ornament, walking feet, resistance, closed doors, a blooming flower or rotting fruit, ruins, stories, waste, and even arrogance. As we jump to new toys such as post-pandemic and ‘new normal’ what we forget is how TIME exists across pre- and post- as well as new and old... TIME bridges across epochs and events as well as creates multiple ecologies of existence. In these times we discuss space, materiality, and aesthetics to build a better understanding of TIME.

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