Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Reading for Change - Discussing 'Scavengers' and SDG 11

We take Darren Simpson’s “Scavengers” as an entry point to SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. How is life for people who live their entire life in the shadows of others, yet without them the city could not sustain. They are visible, yet invisible to most of us most of the time. Usually the conversations around people involved in waste management (waste picker’s, landfill workers) are not empowering, especially in their representation in writing which tends to be descriptive.

Seema Mundoli and Lakshmi Karunakaran will be in conversation, using their collective experience in understanding the waste processing system and the people involved at different levels. They will use the book to hold a discussion around the situation in India, also drawing heavily from their own experience in Bangalore.

This is the first event of a year long series of book readings on the UN-Sustainable Development Goals organised by Champaca Bookstore, Science Gallery Bengaluru and the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum.

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