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Children's programme

SCHRUMPF! Splitter

What’s that? An orchestra without music stands or a conductor! SCHRUMPF! Splitter invites families into the heart of the improvising Splitter Orchestra. Whether from nearby or far away, the audience is invited up close to see how Splitter creates its own music in real time. The event will stream live from Radialsystem, and puts the audience directly in contact with the musicians, allowing them to interact with each other, ask questions, discuss, play along from home - and of course also listen. For children 4 and up and adults of any age. Throughout the day, six concerts will be presented with varying instrumentation - the audience can choose which time slot they would like to join.

Percussive (11.30 am, 12.15 pm):
Instruments such as percussion, piano, guitar and contrabass clarinet

Stringy and windy (3 pm, 3.45 pm):
String and wind instruments from high (violin and trumpet) to very low (tuba and double bass)

Electronic and clarinetic (5.30 pm, 6.15 pm):
Homemade electronic instruments, an inside piano specialist and three clarinets

Duration each concert ca. 30 minutes. Streamed with Zoom.
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