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Science in a World of Politics

Join Goethe Pop Up Seattle for "Science in a World of Politics: Alexander von Humboldt's Journey to the United States", about one of the key figures of the globalization of knowledge within the context of Humboldt's journeys in the Spanish colonies and visit to the United States in 1804.

In her talk, historian and Humboldt scholar Dr. Sandra Rebok explores the questions of how useful documents that Humboldt had gathered from Spanish archives and given to the United States actually were for Thomas Jefferson’s vision for the West; why Humboldt felt entitled to freely dispose of this knowledge; and what this means for our modern understanding of science and its role in society.

This event will be held over Zoom; registration is required.

Leading up to our lecture, we also invite you to join us & Goethe Pop Up Houston for an online screening of the documentary "Humboldt in Mexico: The Vision of the Explorer", which will be available to stream between November 6-8.

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