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Series of Spooky Live Actions at a Distance

Series of Spooky Live Actions at a Distance is trying to tackle the question what is the new aesthetics in performing arts which can survive without physical theatre spaces and find its floor within the limitations and possibilities that live streaming enables. A few weeks ago we had an Open Call for artists to propose ideas for experimentations with the virtual possibilities that our two-way streaming platform has to offer.
e⁻lektron is a new transdisciplinary performing arts program financed by Estonian Culture Ministry. Due to the crisis of COVID-19 e⁻lektron has developed a unique two-way streaming platform where artists and audience can be present in the same virtual space. is a virtual environment that imitates the theatre’s basic properties of performer-audience interaction and audience-audience interaction. Its an online environment where people could enter the virtual venue, leave their webcams on and be visible for both the performers and other viewers enabling to create one body, one community.
Chosen works will be presented on May 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th @

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