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Shaping the Past: A Conversation with Sergio Beltrán-García

As part of Memory Month, we will talk to Sergio Beltrán-García via Instagram Live. The focus of the conversation will be the right to memory and the power of memory processes in the fight against human rights violations.

Sergio Beltrán-García is an architect, activist, and researcher from Mexico City, Mexico. Beltrán-Garcia engages with the aesthetic and political practices of truth elucidation, judicialization, and non-repetition of human rights violations by using memory as an entry point.

His project, The Dispersed Memorial, responds to artificially heightened political and economic costs of memorial-building in Mexico for victims of human rights violations, the organizations which accompany them, and governments who support or oppose them.

Shaping the Past is a partnership of the Goethe-Institut, Monument Lab, and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education). The project connects to the activist and artistic work of local, national, and transnational movements as a reflection of memory culture and discusses new perspectives on forms of memory.

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