Blaue Hintergrundillustration



This Performance that mutation to installation arts brings together Chilean and New Zealand artists to develop inter-disciplinary collaboration and exchange around themes of instability and change.
Relationships to land, to place and to language are articulated through a series of inter- disciplinary installation that explore the interface between the visual and the kinaesthetic, the corporeal and the geo-physical.
In dialogue with recent discourses on indigenous land rights, decolonisation and climate chaos, works invite fresh and
alternative views on southern lands and the preoccupations of their peoples through methods that destabilise and unsettle in
response to the experiences of fracture and loss as a result of historical colonisation and new forms of imperialism.
Authors: Marisol Paulina Vargas/Carol Brown/Alys Longley/Mark Harvey.
Visual Arts: Dominique Goujon, Bernardo Oyarzun,Maximo corvalan P/ jeremy leatinuu/kalisolaite/uhila/ jhon vea,
Singer Mapuzungum: Dra. Elisa Loncon.
Performance Dancers: Francisca Morand/ Macarena Campbell/ Angel Garcia/Natalia Bakulic/Daniela Marini/Carol Brown/ Marisol Vargas/ Alys Longley.

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