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#Studio202X: Corona, Xenophobia, and Protest Movements

#Studio202X is a live talk, developed by the Goethe-Institut Tokyo in cooperation with Japanese journalist Daisuke Tsuda.

In reaction to the killing of the black citizen George Floyd by a white policeman in Minneapolis, we are currently witnessing a wave of protests that are no longer limited to the US, but are echoed in many countries all over the globe. Does this indicate that a new global protest movement is about to emerge? And how do these protests relate to the experience of the corona crisis? Season 2 Part 2 of #Studio202X takes a closer look at these questions.

Guests: Chikako Mori (Sociologist and Professor, Doshisha University), Sven Saaler (Historian and Associate Professor, Sophia University, Head, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Japan), Koichi Yasuda (Journalist, Non-Fiction Writer)

Broadcast in English (Facebook: and Japanese (Twitter: GI_Tokyo).

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