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SYNC 1.02: Electronic Music from Dhaka // Talk + Performance

We are super happy to announce the second guest of our online meet-up sessions - an upcoming versatile artist-producer who brings analogue and digital to one table with style. Ahsan Rajib Ananda, who goes by the moniker of Taraga, will offer an exciting overview of his workflow, answer some Q/As and then follow it up with an exciting live set. We are working on making this an interactive session.

We welcome you to our second stream of SYNC [1.02] at 10 pm BDT (GMT +6) on Thursday, April 30, 2020.
The event is hosted as a Dhaka Ableton User Group initiative.

Stay safe, keep others safe, and stay in sync.

Artist profile:
Ahsan Rajib Ananda is a Dhaka-based composer and music educator. He teaches the nylon string guitar, and has a music project called Taraga, where he explores the musical possibilities of the classical guitar paired with technology. His DAW is Ableton Live, and this is the platform through which produces music and performs as Taraga. He also works part time writing for the visual media such as films and advertisements.

Music from Taraga can be found here:

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