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SYNC3 - Masterclass w/ Sasha Perera: Dhaka Ableton Usergroup

For the third instalment of Dhaka Ableton User Group, we have a special session brought to you straight from the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin! We bring to you a special masterclass by Sasha, aka Perera Elsewhere.

Her last visit in 2013 marked a 10-day workshop with upcoming rising electronic producers from Bangladesh, and this marks her second visit to Dhaka, albeit in a virtual scope. This time, Sasha will work with selective local producers in a session. She will rework some of her tracks to create different outcomes and potentially a new mix, followed by some Q/A.

If you are interested in participating within the closed group, please drop your details here: []. Do note that we will contact only a few people as we do not have the space, and are seeking a variety of participants across skill levels and backgrounds such as location, ethnicity, gender etc.

This event will be aired across several Ableton usergroups, especially with a presence of a Bangladeshi community. This is also supported by Kulturama (a Goethe-Institut Bangladesh initiative) We hope you join us.

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