Blaue Hintergrundillustration

Theater play

the Cloud Theatre:Wuhan Puzzle (with English subscript)

People outside Wuhan have been keeping an eye on the situation throughout this unexpected and protracted outbreak. Now, the ban will be lifted in Wuhan, and we look forward to hearing and seeing the local people.
People's perception of a city is often like a blind man feeling an elephant. Before, during and after the predicament, there are all kinds of the impression, understanding, memory, feeling, imagination and guess took from "Wuhan". We want to know all the tangible experiences and multiple misinterpretations will compose a "Wuhan puzzle".
Let us——Wuhan local person, Hubei person and the ones living in other cities —— get together in the cloud theater to explore, release, capture, present and think about these information and energy in a dramatic way, find the connection with our own lives, form a common memory, and find the possibility to cope with the future.

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