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The Golgen Ass. Composition "Shaggy"

Boris Yukhananov’s “new processual” project is devoted to work interpreting Apuleius’ novel Metamorphosis or The Golden Ass.
The project is conducted in a manner that is completely new for Russian theatre: the genre of the open-circuited workspace.

Psyche travels the world in search of her lover, Cupid, who left her to punish her for breaking her vows. Contrary to the instructions of her invisible husband, she disobeys her sisters and, thinking Cupid a monster, resolves to cut off his head with a razor. But a daring lamp illuminates the secrets of the bed, and Psyche sees Cupid, the god of love, resting peacefully on his bed.

Cupid himself now appears and tells the same story, though in a completely different way. "Two principles ran up against each other. The epic and the dramatic. Now you will see how one enters the other," reflects Isis-Cicero, an adept of the powerful goddess Isis. Next comes Birren - the milk sister of the mother of the novel's protagonist Lucius. She introduces her dear nephew to the magical city and invites him into her beautiful Atrium...

In Russian with English Subtitles.

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