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The Longest March: Stretched Bodies

Murari Jha’s performative video The Longest March: Stretched Bodies offers a unique
psychological view touching on certain traumatic experiences that stretch the body far
beyond its limits of bearability, sanity and cohesion, to the point where pain becomes
unindividuated and the body gets transfigured into a universal affect, similar to a

Murari Jha (b. 1988) is a New Delhi-based visual and performance artist. His multimedia practice
explores personal narratives, the psychological processing of everyday socio-political occurrences,
the transformation of the body by the environment and the temporal regimes it occupies, and the
performativity of objects and spectatorship.

Forthcoming performative works on abr_circle:
Artist 2: Khandakar Ohida : Thursday, 4 June
Artist 3: Mohit Shelare : Thursday, 11 June*

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