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The Unwritten New Normal

This is a collective production between Jordanian performer and choreographer Anas Nahleh of Studio 8 and German visual artist and sociological researcher Stephanie Müller.

Anas and Stephanie are sharing with you a very special performance that contains many elements:
music & amp, sound art, dance, textile art, installation art, and projection art.

Duration: 20 minutes

Concept: Anas Nahleh, Stephanie Müller
Choreography: Anas Nahleh
Performer: Anas Nahleh, Stephanie Müller
Set Design: Anas Nahleh, Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh, Stephanie Müller
Costume: Stephanie Müller
Sound Design: Stephanie Müller
Photography, Videography: Miramar Moh’d, Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh, Mohammad Barroq, Klaus Erika Dietl, Stephanie Müller
Videoediting: Klaus Erika Dietl, Ren
Archive: Ren

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