Blaue Hintergrundillustration


The Vaccine – Who should get it first?

The Vaccine starts with the idea that there is a working vaccine for Covid-19. However there is not enough for everybody. Who should get it first?

This summer, a selection of 10 Dutch residents – diverse in age, profession and place of residency – try to reach consensus via a series of digital meetings. What do their arguments say about solidarity and personal freedom? Can we decide at all about a priority when we speak about human lives? A short film of this social experiment will premiere at the Forum on European Culture Festival.

During the COVID-lockdown, people all over the world needed to follow strict regulations, and were deprived of making decisions on their own life. The Vaccine, an experiment that is having its world premiere with Dutch participants, observes how normal citizens experience the pandemic and what they would do if they had decision-making power.

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