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Thoughts about non-motherhood and regretting motherhood

With Orna Donath, author of the book "Regretting motherhood"

In most countries – if not all of them – women are being pressured to bear and/or raise children. This pressure tends to be manipulative and doesn't leave a lot of room for open talks regarding a decision that might change a life forever.
The meeting will be dedicated to questions such as:
What is the difference between encouraging motherhood and soliciting it against one's will?
What can we understand from the definitive ruling that women will surely regret not becoming mothers while denying the possibility that for some the exact opposite might be true?
What can we learn from the social reaction towards non-motherhood?

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Orna Donath is a doctor of sociology, a social activist and the writer of the book "Regretting Motherhood". In addition to her academic research, she has served as chairwoman of the governing board of a rape crisis center in Israel and has been volunteering at the center since 2004.

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