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Today’s European Cinema: A Female Perspective

​For a long time international film was a mostly male-dominated industry. During this programme we look at today’s European cinema through the eyes prominent European directors amongst which Ena Sendijarevic (Take me somewhere nice) and Basje Boer (De Groene Amsterdammer). How can we further deepen and broaden the scope of European cinema in the coming years?

Womanhood in film was often constructed through a predominantly patriarchal film language and a projection of the so-called ‘male gaze’. It was not an independent reflection of femininity but a foil for masculinity. Women were too often on screen just ‘to-be-looked-at’ and filmed from the perspective of the male maker.

After many decades in which our visual imagery was dominated by this male perspective, there are now more and more powerful female film authors with their very own style and unique cinematic representations of reality. As a result, European cinema is deepening and broadening its perspective and has clearly gained in narrative power and artistic qualities.

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