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United We Stream Tbilisi | United Queer Stream

The history of Georgian Queer movement and fight for equality counts tens of years full of difficulties and troubles. Despite many obstacles, the movement and artist collectives managed to unite thousands of people on the dancefloors of Tbilisi to overcome and change the violent environment with solidarity, support and carefulness.

The 27th June stream, which includes costumed theatrical shows of Georgian Queer artists alongside with the DJ sets of musicians is a joint statement, a manifestation of solidarity with music and arts.

The performance is dedicated to all humans, collectives and movements who are fighting against injustice, for equality.


Bekuchi (Success Bar)
Daniel Berhane (Success Bar)
Frequency Shifter (KiKi)
Kvanchi & Dito (Horoom Nights)
Nebbieri (Horoom Nights)

Success Bar
Horoom Nights (BASSIANI)
BallRoom Bar (Equality Movement)

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