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Unlearning Talks: Achieving Social Impact II

"Achieving Social Impact II: An outlook in the periphery of South Eastern Europe"

Action at the regional level is a vital lever for achieving social impact in the countries of South Eastern Europe. Communities in the periphery of our region address specific challenges with different constrains and different levels of scalability in their impact. At the same time, change in the outskirts of Europe, and not only, can be achieved with less resources and a lot of imagination. A number of regional initiatives will be presented during this talk that created an unorthodox solution mix for their challenges.

Featured Speakers:
- Greg Haji Joannides, Nysirio, Greece
- Matti Kunstek, Nellie Nashorn, Germany
- Diana Malaj, ATA Group, Albania
- Rania Mavriki, Cultopia, Greece
- Yanina Taneva, Ideas Factory, Bulgaria

Moderator: Maria-Louiza Laopodi, Project Manager START

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