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Unlearning Talks: Culture, Education, and Engagement...

"Culture, Education, and Engagement in the era of social distancing."

Confinement measures around the world and in the region of South Eastern Europe in particular have shown the importance of culture in order to connect, learn and entertain. Schools have modified their curriculum, whilst cultural institutions such as galleries, museums and theatres have rapidly developed new digital cultural products and educational materials and made them available online. These initiatives helped local communities to build resilience and supported the cultural sector with a new portfolio of activities. During this talk our speakers will reflect on the conditions of this transition from physical to digital, the unlearnt lessons they took, and will share their input of whether this crisis could lead to a transformative change.

Featured Speakers
- Maria Asteriou, The People Behind, Greece
- Milena Berbenkova, Intercultura Consult, Bulgaria
- Valentina Socratous, Emerge, Greece
- Jennifer Tharr, Neustart, Germany

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