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Unlearning Talks: Mapping new pathways for inclusive...

"Mapping new pathways for inclusive partnership building"

While collaboration cannot always prevent crises from arising, changemakers with strong networks between peers, their stakeholders, and other sectors such as local government, are better able to act fast, innovate, and recover at scale. Especially community-led networks have the ability to grasp the collective intelligence and propose resilient solutions. But most importantly, these partnerships build new kinds of collaborative strategies in which communities play a central role.

Featured Speakers
- Periklis Chatzinakos, Commons in residency, Greece
- Jenny Goldberg, Raw//cc, Germany
- Frantzeska Papagiannopoulou, Tinos Guide & Seek, Greece
- Stefan Savić, Odron Art Collective, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Moderator: Maria-Louiza Laopodi, Project Manager START

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