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Unlearning Talks: Overcoming uncertainty...

"Overcoming uncertainty in the cultural sector during the covid-19 crisis and beyond."

During the past six months uncertainty on the scale of disruption in the cultural sector has been tremendous. Pre-existing vulnerabilities, like the precarious livelihoods of artists and cultural workers or the tight budgets of many public cultural organizations that fuel the creative industry with less commissions every year, are now magnified. As the crisis develops around the world, everyone working in this field is pivoting from the immediate impact of the crisis towards examining the long-term structural changes that should be seen in the cultural sector. In this talk we will hear from a diverse group of changemakers their efforts and point of view on how to ensure culture has a central role in public policies and contributes to a sustainable future.

Featured Speakers
- İpek Çınar, Cultural Producer, Turkey
- Olga Daskali, President of the Messolonghi Community Council, Greece
- Corinne Eichner, StadtKultur Hamburg, Germany
- Filip Jovanovski, Faculty of Things that can’t be Learned, North Macedonia

Moderator: Maria-Louiza Laopodi, Project Manager START

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