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Unlearning Talks: Restoring and accelerating international..

"Restoring and accelerating international collaboration in South Eastern Europe"

Culture can be the vehicle for new conversations to ensure the collaborative development of the region. However, the challenges vary considerably from place to place, thus building resilient networks of collaboration that are operating beyond borders, is more complex than it seems. This discussion maps the characteristics that define a fruitful international collaboration and together with our five panelists we will present practical strategies that improve a network’s ability to catalyze growth in South Eastern Europe.

Featured Speakers
- Kleri Bakoura, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece
- Jonida Gashi, DebatikCenter of Contemporary Art, Albania
- Michalis Karakatsanis, Cyprus Music Information Centre, Cyprus
- Darius Polok, International Alumni Center, Germany
- Valentin Schmehl, Other Music Academy, Germany

Moderator: Maria-Louiza Laopodi, Project Manager START

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