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Unrecord: Demodernising and/or Uncolonising Sound Objects

Sound artist and researcher Budhaditya Chattopadhyay’s talk and listening session focuses on the decolonisation of sound objects and the sonic cultures of the Global South.

Drawing on his current postdoctoral project ('Connecting Resonances'), Chattopadhyay will discuss the politics of ethnographic field recording. This event will include a critical listening to recordings taken during expeditions in the Global South post-1900, and look at strategies employed by musicians and others to evade “capture” by colonial technologies.

This event is the first one in a series addressing issues relating to sound and ecology. It takes place alongside PRAKSIS’s seventeenth residency, 'Climata - Capturing change at a time of ecological crisis', which has been developed with sound artist Lasse-Marc Riek and Goethe-Institut Norwegen. It is also part of the programme of the ‘klima2+’ exhibition at Teknisk museum. klima2+ addresses climate change by bringing together scientific perspectives, insights from the critical humanities.

More information about 'Climata - Capturing change at a time of ecological crisis' is available here:

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