Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Walkin the Portal

“Walkin the Portal” is a series of 15-min interviews with creative people during a time of in-betweenness — today is the 29th day of a nationwide lockdown in India.

Each day we will have a guest live on Instagram @walkinstudios, at 4pm IST.

A lockdown, for us, is an in-between space, neither what it was or what it will be. Amongst the widespread limitation of civil liberties, where ‘normality’ has been brought to a halt, we see this period as a time of possible reinvention.

This in-betweenness is like a portal. It’s a door, an entrance, a passage. Symbolically, it’s also a point of entry to a digital network. Spiritually, it’s an entrance to another dimension. A portal is also “a gateway between one world and the next”; a gateway we can “walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world.” -Arundathi Roy, 2010.

We will discuss our relationship with the changing environment — how we are establishing new ways of understanding the circumstances, the objects or the conditions that surround us. We will do this with others, with people whose work, thinking, humour we admire.

The series is in collaboration with curator Marialaura Ghidini.

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