Blaue Hintergrundillustration


When Algorithms are Making Waves. Art and Sociology Meeting

Artist Gaëtan Robillard invites sociologist Alexander Stingl for an online video talk. The discussion focuses on the artist's investigation on modelisation techniques of storms within different scientific institutions. The investigation is based on his recent artistic residency at the European Institute of Marine Science in Brest. The results were presented both as an installation and a performance in France in 2019. In oceanography, waves are studied using statistical models. The evolution of the sea comes to our knowledge in a computational form. What do we face when science presents us with such a changing world? How to perceive the recent history of our environment? These questions will lead to the discussion of subjects tackled by Alexander Stingl in sociology, such as Digital Coloniality, or his recent participation in the French committee “Juridifying the Anthropocene”. The conference will also address topics such as virtuality, truth, capitalocene and microclimatology. While evoking artistic positions and environmental and societal changes, the meeting will finally attempt to debate transactions between art and sociology.

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