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Wildlife, Spillover and Good Health

'Make no mistake, they are connected, these disease outbreaks, coming one after another [...] They reflect the convergence of two forms of crisis on our planet. The first crisis is ecological, the second is medical.' Spillover (2012) by David Quammen

Where and why do new pathogens emerge? How do they turn into a pandemic? Established Science writer David Quammen explores these questions in Spillover, an accessible and well-researched book about pathogen spreads and origins long before Covid-19.

On the 3rd of October David will be in conversation with award-winning writer and journalist Anil Ananthaswamy to talk about Spillover in the context of UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 good health and well being.

This reading and book discussion is part of Reading for Change, an event series conceived by Champaca Book Store, Science Gallery Bengaluru and Bengaluru Sustainability Forum. The aim of this event series is to offer an entry point for the UN Sustainable Development Goals that goes beyond the academic and expert discussions.

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