Blaue Hintergrundillustration



#360baleado is an art project celebrating trans* communities in 360° VR. Visual artist Hans Diernberger and sound artist Will Saunders started the project in 2018, during their time at Vila Sul, the residency program of the Goethe Institute, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.
#360baleado is ongoing and was developed with participants in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil and Cologne, Germany. The work brings together trans* bodies to play a simple, energetic ball game called Baleado, that the artists first encountered on the beaches of Bahia. The dreamy, discoesque staging of these games is captured in 360° VR, showing a world in which the rules of play are respect and dignity, and where differences are never sideline.
The 21 people who took part in Salvador were very clear that their communities need international strategies that make visible their unique strengths, togetherness, acceptance and diversity. This short video, a small project within a project, shows messages from those who took part in #360baleado in Germany. They are answering the question "what would you like to say to your trans* friends in Brazil?"

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