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Theater play

55 SHADES OF GAY – Balkan spring of sexual revolution

In the play, a gay couple apply to get married in a conservative provincial town which is deeply homophobic. They make their request at a time when the Italian association Don Bosco has begun building a condom manufacturing factory in the town, a project that is financially supported by the European Union and is intended to alleviate unemployment, which in that town is as high as 90%. Intellectuals, artists, politicians, religious leaders and professional grenade launchers try to stop the marriage from happening, despite the fact that same-sex marriage is permitted by the country’s constitution, which the prime minister signed according to EU instructions.
55 shades of gay is performed by a cast of 5 brilliant Kosovar actors and produced by an eminent team of theater artists from Germany, Kosova, France and Serbia.

Jeton Neziraj (playwright), Blerta Neziraj (theater director), Sebastian Ellrich (stage and costume design), Florian Bilbao (choreography), Irena Popovic Dragovic (music composer).

Actors and music: Shengyl Ismaili, Bujar Ahmeti, Verona Koxha, Semira Latifi, Tristan Halilaj, Luan Durmishi.

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