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A View from the Inside

Following the dangers of the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic, as all of the Croatian museums, the Museum of Fine Arts in Split has been physically closed for public for more than a month, and has focused its communication with its visitors to the available online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Web).
However, we have all been deprived of the recognizable and vital segment of our museum work – collaboration with contemporary artists through our temporary exhibition. That is why we have decided to initiate the exhibition project called A View from the Inside and support our friends, colleagues and collaborators – a local artist community, by promoting their work in the time of COVID-19, thus continuing our practice of networking.
Each Friday, starting from April 17, we have given over our Instagram and Facebook profiles to the artists, without limitations concerning the format of their works. It’s an ongoing project that will last as long as the need and the will to collaborate exists.

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