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Online Exhibition

Acts of Resistance: An Anthology

"Acts of Resistance: An Anthology" is the first virtual exhibition presented by the Goethe-Institut Sudan and can be experienced via 19 artists living in Sudan, Qatar, Germany and Switzerland showcase their collaborative work created in a six week transnational digital artist residency in the fall of 2020. Exploring new methodologies of conviviality, proximity and collectivity in and through the digital space, the creative process has in many ways called for the resistance to common practice, overcoming obstacles of digitality and spatial boundaries. Dedicated to different notions of artivism the exhibition centres on the artists’ lives and the current fast changing socio-political contexts they exist in.

Azza Mohamed, Elmuontasir Elhassan, Horst Wegener, Julia Benz, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Mai Abusalih, Maimana Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed, Martin Poetter & Daniel Schreiber, N’golo Zerbo, Rana Marouf, Reem Aljeali, Sara Elhassan, The Urban Episode, Veronika Nepple, Zainab M. O. Gaafar

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