Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Alone Together - Socially Distanced Improvisations

The participants in this 'experiment' are 28 musicians from South Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Argentina and the UK. The musicians were sent 3 different 'guide track templates' or variations, along with written instructions unique to each of the ‘tracks’. These instructions are specific guidelines relating to tonality (key centre), dynamics (loud/soft), expression, time signatures, tempo and groove. The participants then recorded and filmed themselves according to these instructions in isolation (they could only hear themselves). Once everyone sent me their recordings, I then 'matched' them together into small groups, and each 'performance' features one of these ensembles performing one episode, uploaded as a split screen performance video on YouTube. (each variation has 7 episodes - 28 musicians divided into groups of 4)
These short live performance videos are experiments in collective improvisation, where each musician has recorded his/her own part in complete isolation from the others – what’s most important to note is the following : NO MUSICIAN FEATURED IN THIS SERIES WILL HAVE HEARD WHAT ANY OF THE OTHER MUSICIANS HAVE RECORDED UNTIL THESE VIDEOS APPEAR ONLINE.

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