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Angon Vodcast I Khushi Kabir & Anam Zakaria I A Dialog

KHUSHI KABIR and ANAM ZAKARIA are walking down memory lane, sharing life changing stories, putting history into perspective and analysing the relationships between the two South Asian countries: Bangladesh and Pakistan.

ANGON envisions opening up a thoughtful dialogue without any boundaries. The ANGON team found each other thanks to Transforming Narratives in an effort to encourage cross-border dialogue, to build a platform for artists and cultural activists from Bangladesh, Pakistan and respective diasporas to explore their common identities and to facilitate cross-border networking.

MODERATORS Masuma Halai Khwaja + Samira Syed

SUPPORTERS Transforming Narratives + British Council + Arts Council England

PRODUCERS Nafis Ahmed + Masuma Halai Khwaja + Samira Syed

PARTNER I am Karachi (IAK)

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