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At What Price? solo exhibiton of Luca Lasar (Lasareishvili)

Contemporary Art Gallery of the Georgian National Museum presents the personal exhibition of Luca Lasar (Lasareishvili) At What Price?
As the artist living between New York and Tbilisi says: “Art for me is a way of self-realization. As I know, before I started walking and talking, a pencil was a distinctive subject for me and even today, if I see a pencil anywhere, I should definitely buy it. Yes, and even if I saw it dropped on the street, I cannot be indifferent, I would take it. The pencil became a universal language for me. Today all my sense organs are in deep contact with art. Whatever I experience and perceive, I express in the form of art. "Dialogue with myself" - this is how I describe my art. Everything I do, I do to see how my thoughts look like in the real world. The more I see, the more I think. Since every human being has the God-given ability to think, he also has the right to express his thoughts. How acceptable is the opinion of each of us, it is discussed by society, but society cannot force us to reject ourselves. We think in terms of who we are. The right to change my mind belongs only to me and it cannot be dictated from the outside."

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