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BEETH∞VEN 360° - An Innovative Virtual Concert

Singaporean conductor Kahchun Wong has convened a virtual global music gathering to produce an innovative video production of Beethoven’s famous composition ‘Ode to Joy’ on the occasion of the composer’s 250th anniversary amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
The video in a 360 degree video format will arguably be the world’s first global virtual music gathering of this scale which assembles world-class instrumentalists and singers across countries and continents who are joined by sing-along participants in the famous ‘Ode to Joy’ segment of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
As the musical story of the final movement is told via visualisations of various landscapes, the video takes an innovative immersive approach in presenting the last movement of Beethoven’s final symphony and is the first cross-border collaboration of its kind since artists worldwide had to adapt to the coronavirus-circumstances. The ‘Ode to Joy’ performance comprise a broad variety of musical submissions of more than 1000 members from the global community who participated in a preceding sing-along-campaign in May this year.

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