Blaue Hintergrundillustration

Online Exhibition

Between Telemorphosis and Security Zones

We exist between Telemorphosis and Security Zones. Our everyday, ordinary lives occupy virtual spatial constructions, modulated by screens, in flux between firewalls and passwords. This is the way we live. It also defines the spaces we inhabit. Technology is found in us and we find ourselves in technology. We don’t even have to think about it.

However, it is only by thinking about something that we can begin to question it. María del Buey and Dominique Crowley, in their 10-day installation, are asking some questions. Their research bound practice aims to interrogate the omnipresence of personal technology in everyday life and the margin left for individuals to act. How much are we willing to accept in exchange for technological connectedness? What role does vision play and how can we listen differently? With this new normal, is anything displaced, or is there infinite capacity to cope with a crowded mind and to cover our eyes and close our ears?

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