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Book Club: Inviting Authors, Angeliki Darlasi

"What happens when you lose life as you knew it and you must imagine it differently," wonders Angeliki Darlasi, telling us about her book “The Boy in the Loge” (Metaichmio Publications) and the walking tour she had designed in the centre of Athens around Kotzia Square for ACN's project "Athenian Book Itineraries".
Her wish is for everyone to come out of this nightmare wiser, realizing that we are all connected…
Athens Culture Net created a media campaign for the harsh days of social distancing. We asked esteemed Greek writers of all ages and literature styles to send us a DIY video using their mobile phones or PCs’, sharing their thoughts and their message on handling the coronavirus crisis.
Discover the notions and the advice given by 5 contributing authors, with the endorsement of Goethe-Institut Athen.

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