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Book Club: Inviting Authors, Vangelis Raptopoulos

Vangelis Raptopoulos talks, on a personal note, about literature and art in the conditions of isolation. The film “Brief Encounter” becomes the inspiration for an… encounter with Menis Koumandareas’ novel “Kyria Koula”, and also for the realization that good art is like good wine: it gets better with age. In his recent novel, The Man who Burned Down Greece (Kerdos Publications), Vangelis Raptopoulos concerns himself with the issue of information in digital reality.
Athens Culture Net created a media campaign for the harsh days of social distancing. We asked esteemed Greek writers of all ages and literature styles to send us a DIY video using their mobile phones or PCs’, sharing their thoughts and their message on handling the coronavirus crisis.
Discover the notions and the advice given by 5 contributing authors, with the endorsement of Goethe-Institut Athen.

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