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Bridges of Music - musical connection in times of corona

Bridges of Music - a musical bridge created by musicians worldwide to inspire connection in times of corona virus

In the past days we invited musicians from all over the world to get creative together to build a musical bridge from living room to living room.
The response is impressive; the desire for connection and creativity is touching. Within a few days we received videos of 50 musicians from 37 different cities with an interpretation of the piece "The Green Angel".
This "online appearances from many living rooms" inspired us to produce a music video.
With this unifying action we will jointly draw attention to the current situation: Not being able to appear in public anymore, thereby resulting in a real loss of income. At the same time, not only do we want to call for help, but with the "green angel" we also want to inspire and give hope.
All this has great potential to inspire many people, to give them courage and comfort and to counteract the uncertain, unknown and sometimes frightening. And of course it is also a showcase, or rather a virtual stage for the many musicians worldwide who are currently unable to give concerts.

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