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2020 Sound Dream Chen Cheng-Ting Piano Recital

F. Chopin:4 Ballades
J. S. Bach:Goldberg Variations, BWV988
2020, May at National Concert Hall, Taipei

Origin of This Event:
A Blessing from the Performer
It is a universal truth that music plays an impactful role in our life! No matter what genre it is, agitated or peaceful, wild or gentle, music simply acts as a medium. It carries emotional messages, which bring comfort and soothingness to people. Music moves and touches; it even cures.
Through the two enduring and timeless masterpieces, Chopin's four ballades and Bach's Goldberg Variations, this is one of the goals I managed to achieve when planning the concert tour: let people slow down their pace of life and derive comfort and peace from listening to my music. Facing the coronavirus nowadays, people are either suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic or adjusting dramatically to a new lifestyle. Against the shutdown and postponement of everything, including my concert tour, my team and I decided to have an online concert to carry out the original idea of this project. We sincerely wish all of you, who are watching now, regain strength and receive blessing from the music. Thank you!

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