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cie. toula limnaios: isson - a solo for two men - livestream

we look forward to staying connected live with you digitally. due to the second lock-down, the public performances of »isson« were canceled, but the two dancers leonardo d'aquino and alessio scandale will come together on stage and dance isson live for you. the performance will be broadcast live on saturday, november 21st, at 8 p.m. and stays online until the 28th november.

cie. toula limnaios: isson - a solo for two men (live-streaming)

21. nov 2020, 8pm, live-streaming
online until 28th nov

concept / choreography: toula limnaios
music: ralf r. ollertz
dance/ creation: leonardo d’aquino, alessio scandale
lightdesign: klaus dust
stage/ costumes: toula limnaios
technical direction: felix grimm
light and stage technic: domenik engemann
cameras/ cinematic implentation: giacomo corvaia, toula limnaios

a cie. toula limnaios production supported by the city of berlin, department for culture and europe.

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