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ConFront Drama - Lecture and workshop with Sylvia Huszar

Annual ITI MK Program: Poor Little Rich Drama (dramatic or pathetic) 2019. (Macedonian-Hungarian dramatic intersections) Project: -ConFront Drama- a collaboration with Mrs. Sylvia Huszar (Hungarian creative producer in a theater), National Theater -Anton Panov - Strumica, 27.International Chamber Festival -Risto Siskov-, Hungarian Cultural Season on the Western Balkan. Initiators and co-organizers: Macedonian Center ITI/PRODUKCIJA, N.T. Anton Panov - Strumica. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, R. Macedonia, Hungarian Embassy in R. Macedonia Con-Front Drama with Sylvia Huszár - lecture and workshop on contemporary Hungarian drama and theatre Sylvia Huszár – theatre theoretician, translator, and creative producer – was born in Czechoslovakia. Graduated Theatrology at the Academy of Performing Arts and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University (MA Degree) in Bratislava. From 1988 she lives and works in Hungary. My colleagues know that I am a theatre expert with strong international background, I have been dealing with contemporary theatres for more than 20 years.

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