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Contemporary African Drums Solo

Defined as a border-breaking musician and percussionist, Ben is known for his unique and original rhythmic-musical approach. Ben is mostly famous for his Contemporary African drumming style, explosive-burning rhythms and cutting edge hybrid drumming techniques.

Ben’s solo act - ‘One Man Tribe’ is performed on a custom made West-African drum set made of traditional drums from Guinea Conakry, Senegal and Mali. With this drum set Ben presents his own arrangements of traditional rhythms, compositions and songs from West Africa. Ben developed a unique style and innovative technique that allows him to play 10 different drums and percussion instruments simultaneously creating the massive sound of an entire tribe of drummers.

After researching West-African drumming with a focus on Senegalese ‘Wolof’ and ‘Serer’ tribes drumming cultures, Ben’s Masterclass gives the audience the opportunity to get closer into the heart of a drumming style considered to be complex and challenging. Ben’s style of playing creates a new perspective over an ancient tradition that was approved by the greatest Senegalese master drummer - Doudou Ndiaye Rose.

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